A window into LandWorks

The PeN Project

The Photographic electronic Narrative (PeN) project shares photographs taken by trainees on placement at LandWorks: an independent charity which provides a supported route back into employment and the community for people in prison or at risk of going to prison.

The PeN Project – a window into LandWorks


Is an independent charity that offers prisoners and those at risk of going to prison (trainees), the chance to develop a bespoke resettlement plan, that incorporates training, skills development and confidence building.

The PeN project:

  • Allows trainees to tell their stories in their own words, illustrated through the photographs they take to record their time at LandWorks
  • Enables the community to engage with the trainees through this blog and other social media:

“critically giving trainees a voice, one that is otherwise unheard, the voice of an ‘offender’ talking to the community they have hurt” (LandWorks project manager)

Creating a PeN project blog post:

  1. Trainees take photographs, which are discussed privately with the lead researcher.
  2. These interviews are transcribed and a blog of around 500 words is created, agreed and then posted alongside photographs on this website.
  3. Social media – Facebook, Twitter and Instagram publicise the new posts and comments, likes etc., are fed back to the trainees.