Graham: it’s quite magical


So Sarah came to me with a question… and asked me if I would teach her how to turn a bowl, which is something that I learned over my 12 months of being at LandWorks (ROTL) taught by Will…

[Helping Sarah] I loved it, it’s quite a nice feeling, especially when they end up with a nice product at the end of it and haven’t gone through the bottom of it. Sarah listened, you could tell she was concentrating and had really listened and that definitely showed in like the end product… without a doubt, and seeing her she was absolutely made up with it and so excited about it, in fact really excited about it… and was like thank you Graham, thank you Graham, it’s alright, that’s what I’m here for I suppose, so it would be nice, it’d be nice to think I could get that same sort of, what’s the word, get the same feedback from one of the guys that’s coming out from the prison that Sarah got from it, it’d be nice to think that they would get the same out of it… because I think I got quite a similar feeling out of it…

Respect for the wood and respect for the machine… it’s one of those things were you’ve got to concentrate… it’s a bit like using a big saw, you don’t want to be bringing a chop saw down then turning your head talking to someone… because you’re going to lose your fingers…

You can tell if you’re getting a clean cut to it by the sound it makes… It’s quite magical, I’ve heard somebody else say that before… now that might have been one of the Sarah’s that said that, because it can go from that, just a plain old bit of wood from a tree to that… the end product definitely, well it always puts a smile on my face…

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