Rodney: memory box

  I’ve still got plenty of room to learn… my skills have expanded hugely since I got here, but there’s always room for improvement you know… and someone will suggest something and oh yes, that’s a good idea… and everyone is constantly learning new things… you know all the time… there’s no shame in not … More Rodney: memory box

Matthew: cover photo

I reckon that should be the cover photo… I think that’s mint because you’ve got all the chickens in there and yeah, but I wouldn’t mind getting on top of the porta-cabin roof or even getting on top of this roof…because it’s higher… even Auntie Mo said to me “Matthew I was well surprised how … More Matthew: cover photo

Matthew: intriguing

I’m looking forward to talking to Matthew about his photographs. We’re cooking chili con carne for lunch on Thursday, so I’m hoping we can chat about them then. “I loves me chilis, me” he says…