Matthew: cover photo

I reckon that should be the cover photo… I think that’s mint because you’ve got all the chickens in there and yeah, but I wouldn’t mind getting on top of the porta-cabin roof or even getting on top of this roof…because it’s higher… even Auntie Mo said to me “Matthew I was well surprised how big [LandWorks] was”, she didn’t think it was as big as it was… It’s like I want that photo on my Facebook… because I would have that as my cover photo… and I would… I think that that’s mint… I like the way you got the chickens, then you’ve got the chicken house, then you’ve got the cob wall and then you’ve got all the stuff behind it, because it goes light, bit darker, darker and then a few shades of lightness and then you’ve got the sky… I love the chickens because I like their eggs, I used to be the chicken catcher because we had one escaping every single day, like two or three times a day and then you used to see me running around chasing this chicken like… (Matthew 27th October 2016).

2 thoughts on “Matthew: cover photo

  1. Reblogged this on LandWorks and commented:
    The latest post from the PeN Project at LandWorks, where a camera is given to people serving prison sentences, giving you an alterative perspective of life during and after prison.


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