Matthew: choices

I’m doing a mural… and it’s, basically it’s a path which splits into two, and it’s all about your decisions, like choices, like you’ve got the left path which is crime and all the s**t, and you’ve got the right path, which is you know trying to make a change, and then when it goes in here, inside there, you’ll see the path there splits again… and then you’ve got the right side, which you can stay doing what you’re doing, like well, not doing what you’re doing, like where I am now yeah, which comes off level, well, which comes off down this way a bit, but if you go in on the right like, you’re on the benefits, and you’re trying to sort s**t out, and then you’ve got another path which comes up, which is your path with a job, your own place, mortgage, and then yeah, that sort of thing… depending on what choice you make depends on where your life goes, basically… yeah, because that door’s open yeah, in the prison system the people are so used to closing doors on people, open the door you know, let them have a chance to walk through that door you know, it’s kinda, it’s trying to go positive… [it’s called] choices… it’s a door that’s open on a door…

[The new porch] – I done that… I put it all up, Will built the window frame and I done all the cladding at the bottom, you know, put that post in and put it all up… everything that is that colour I done… and I put the windows in… and it’s toughened glass… the only reason it got put up was to protect the sort of door [to the new building] and I think it actually looks quite mint…

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