Graham: from trainee to trainer

I’ve been here 15 months… so I was coming out here on a ROTL (Release On Temporary Licence/day release) from the local prison for the last 12 months [of my sentence] and I think it was around about Christmas time [last year] that I noticed on the 5 year LandWorks plan… to employ one of the trainees coming out from the prison, which I asked the project manager about, I said is that what I think it is? And he said what do you think it is? I said to employ one of the lads coming out, and he said yeah and I said well I’d like that job then… and he said oh right ok, well I’ll think about that then, and let you know, then we spoke about it after Christmas… this was last year, and then I think it was about February that he said it was all agreed with the Trustees so here I am…

All of this building was like my erm apprenticeship for the job if you like… can you put it like that? I guess, well that’s what I used to talk to the LandWorks counsellor about… I remember when we were chatting, she’d say, well just get on with it, well make a nice job of it, and the project manager can see what you can do and that, and how you work with the other lads and everything, and that was, well I wouldn’t say it was a plan as such, but it sort of panned out like that, I think… it’s a kind of portfolio, here’s what I can do…



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