Rodney: no pressure

When you’re inscribing it’s such a steady job to do… you know Graham was like ‘oh, would you mind burning that in for me?’ and I’m like, ‘no, no, not at all’, and then the project manager comes in and says ‘yeah, yeah, it’s for someone’s wedding’ and ooh, ooh the pressure’s on now…

I did construction skills, level 1 and level 2… level 1 was just pass/fail and we did carpentry, joinery, plumbing, electrics, er… brick work, block work, plastering, rendering, and then level 2 was pass, merit, distinction, and I got an overall merit, but I got distinctions for technical drawing and electrical installation…  but see back then it was just easy… I can’t remember any of it for the life of me, whereas with the carpentry… it’s just, and I really didn’t, I used to hate carpentry, I could not stand it, I couldn’t do it, it made me angry, you know, I’d do the slightest bit wrong and end up just hammering the chisel straight through [and] out the other side just to make myself feel better and then give up on it, but… I don’t know, I come here and it’s a lot… you know, in college it’s like, well you’ve only got one, don’t mess it up… Here you do something wrong and that’s alright, go grab another bit… I tend to learn a lot better in an environment where there is no pressure… and I think that here there is no pressure whatsoever… really, at all, I mean… the most pressure I’ve ever been under is playing Boules against Nolan…

3 thoughts on “Rodney: no pressure

  1. i think Rodney has the ability to become a great carpenter ….. Always keen to learn and very accurate with his measurements and cuts …. well done …

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