Matthew: what’s cooking

I never used to like cooking did I? Me and the project manager had many like falling outs about, well only about three, over the cooking… because I’ve always said I’m not here to cook… but actually [more recently] I’ve quite enjoyed it… you know I’ve quite enjoyed it…  I went through a stage, and then I started cooking at home, it’s like I help my Auntie Mo cook most nights, so I cook here and then I go walk in and… then I like, I started enjoying it, like now I enjoy it, except for the onions…

I’ve cooked every day [when I’m here] for the last three weeks… lasagne, kedgeree… I’d never even heard of kedgeree until I came here, never even heard of it… if somebody said to me do you know what kedgeree is? Er no mate… but you know I’ve cooked some things that I’d never thought I would ever be able to cook… you know, now, don’t get me wrong, I always knew like the basics… you know just to get me through, but hardly any of the stuff I’m doing now… I’ve cooked two curries in the last three weeks, and chilli con carne today…

It’s nice to hear people appreciate the food, that’s what I like about it… yeah, people appreciating what you’re cooking that’s what it is… don’t get me wrong, I don’t like the whole preparing it, or any of that… but the end result yeah, when somebody says to you, you know like yeah, that was really nice, it makes me feel good, you know, yeah I done that… it does it makes me feel good…

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