Quentin says: “I’m very apprehensive about what happens when I get out, employment wise. I’m going to be restricted to what I can do…”

“I’ve been here four weeks. My views on this place and the ethos and what I’ll get out of it has certainly changed. It’s taken me four weeks to suss everyone out…

I’ve been doing the pots for two weeks. I thought, the first two I did, when I did them I thought “they’re s@*#t”, I thought it was like a child had done it, but when they were glazed, I thought “they’re alright, I suppose”. Then I did some more … we’ll see. You won’t see any two the same. I’ve turned a couple on the wheel as well and I’ve got them looking alright. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Then it was fired. I did the colour on it. I knew exactly what I wanted to do and I didn’t give them much thought after that. Then I was excited to be called back in two days later – “look at these” and again my initial thought was “they look alright, they’re not brilliant, why are you so excited?”

To be honest, when I’m doing it, my mind is empty, so, it’s a great thing for me. It’s therapeutic for me, not thinking about all my woes and worries. It just takes as long as it takes. You can do two or three in an hour or one will take you one hour. I know what colours I like. I’m just trying to find out how far I can go with it now. That’s what I want to do next. I try to do a couple most days. I enjoy it…

I enjoy that because I can do that… the fact I can do something a bit creative and standby and go “I made that”, it’s a nice feeling. For me, that’s what I get out of it, the feeling that I’m actually doing something that’s of value, shall we say… it’s very early days, but I’m very apprehensive about what happens when I get out, employment wise. I’m going to be restricted to what I can do…

I have said thanks to Sarah a few times. You’ve got to, haven’t you? I think fair play, thank you for giving me the opportunity. She tells me I’ve got a talent. I’m very grateful and I’m very grateful to be here. As I said, four weeks in, I’m starting to get it. I used to be convinced that the ones who’d benefit are the guys who’ll never get here. You know, the socially, needy ones. They are the guys that need it. I felt a bit guilty, but I get it. There are opportunities for everybody, you’ve just got to look and find it…

I’m meant to be in prison, but instead I’m doing pottery and making chutney. So then, you feel a bit guilty. It’s a very strange conundrum, because I’m in prison for doing this and I should be feeling miserable because I’m in prison, but I’m doing this and what I’m doing, I’m enjoying, so, I don’t feel miserable and it’s hard to get my head around it…

Had you asked me that question before I was a prisoner, I’d have said you shouldn’t have any creature comforts because you’re in there for a reason, but that was me before. I think now, they can make you miserable because you’re away from your family and your loved ones. It depends on your personal circumstances. If you’ve got family, it’s hard on the family, therefore it’s hard on you. Should it be harder in prison? Probably not. Food could be better though…”

2 thoughts on “Quentin says: “I’m very apprehensive about what happens when I get out, employment wise. I’m going to be restricted to what I can do…”

  1. LandWorks can only help people who are willing to be helped and that can be a brave decision, so please don’t feel guilty about it. Your pots are great! Have been doing pottery myself, so know it’s not easy. Love the glazes! Well done.

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