for example…

I’d probably say [I’d enjoyed] doing the woodwork [the most] and that, yeah. I was enjoying that when I first got here… […] But yeah, the woodwork and that, once I’d sort of, you know, honed in a few skills and that, I enjoyed doing the wood work… (Ryan, March 2016)

I like being in here [the lottery funded building], I like being in what I call the hut…  it’s a sort of posh hut, a sort of stylish hut… I didn’t really do much on this building, I done the electrics in here… and the insulation and the cladding… (Matthew, October 2016)

It’s a nice building… it looks nice, the style of it looks nice, and it’s nice inside… [the kitchen is] my favourite part of the building… the breakfast bar with part of the tree that came down, it’s a Monterey Pine that came down from the estate, but I just like the shape of it, because that’s like all over the place, higgledy piggledy, but it’s got a bit of symmetry underneath it… and I think it looks nice, I do like that, and I like the supporting pole coming up through the middle and the big shelves… (Graham, October 2016)

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