Rodney says: “you just go into a different place…”

“Today though, I’ve got to make one of those Leopold chairs with Graham, I’ve got to make a bread bin for Chris… I’ll sort that out today… I helped Graham put that [picnic table] together, I can’t say I helped him make it, I mean I cut a few pieces off at angles and then helped him bolt it all together…

I now do a programme called ‘redevelop’ which is based around depression, anxiety and mental health issues, anger management… I told probation I am open to ideas, so I said I’d stick it out for a while and it goes off my rehabilitation activity requirements as well…

…there’s coffee, so it’s alright, I dunno, I’m not, I get too anxious to eat when I’m there, it’s not… it’s sort of just, like a milder version, almost like CBT, they tell you ways to get around things and approach situations but… a lady called […] I usually end up spacing out, I’m not listening at all, it’s just really difficult to concentrate when you’re so you know, you’re so sketchy about the people around you, especially if like… being sat here [at LandWorks] I know there is nobody sat behind me, that’s fine and usually in the cabin [for lunch/tea breaks] I sit down at the end of the table, because then if someone goes to walk behind me I can see them coming, I am not a fan of people behind me, I like to know where people are, it gets me quite on edge…

The fish tank idea came from something I said to Sarah, because we were talking about fish and I said about when we were up in [City], because my dad gave the fish tank away in the end.. so dad gave the fish tank to the school… and it went outside the headmaster’s office, and I said, it was always a really calming influence on me… just speaking to them you know, I just find them really therapeutic to watch, no fish are really all fast and all over the place, they’re all mellow and slow and it just, you know… you just disappear, you go into a different place, I don’t know I always found it really calming, even when I was absolutely fuming… I think it is because they’re never hyped up, they’re slow…”

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