James says: “you can see, you know when you’ve had a good day…”

“…when I was working I’d get up like half six every morning and then on the weekends you find you still wake up at that time, and to wake up really early you struggle you know… I’m coming in tomorrow as well, instead of doing four days, I’m doing five, again so it’s a bit more of the work routine… ‘cos last week I didn’t have nothing to do on Friday and I just, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and I was like, even Friday afternoon I was like f***ing hell I can’t wait until Monday you know, it’s like it felt like I’d been off for a week, it seemed like a long time, you know I just don’t want to er, I like to keep busy, I need to keep busy to get through it… when I was working I used to work six, sometimes seven days a week you know, and then I was grateful for the one day off… it stops me getting into any mischief or being guided in the wrong way… I don’t hang around with anyone, I keep myself to myself, if I was around them all the time… that’s one of the reasons, number one for crime and number two being around drugs you know, so I’d rather not like, you know it’s funny but you don’t realise, but just being around certain people is driving, I’m not saying it’s their fault, you know what I mean, it drives you towards doing crimes or doing drugs, I’d just rather keep myself to myself, think about my own kids…

I just got into a bad routine over Christmas, because I’d done a few weeks here, and then two weeks off, and then I just, I didn’t go back to crime or drugs or anything, it was just the lazy routine… [Now] I’m getting here for 8 o’clock and they have their meeting and that in the mornings, so I just, when I get here in the morning I just go off feed the chickens, sort out the chickens and then, like this morning I made a plate and that’s the extra time I’m doing, I’m feeding the chickens, cleaning them out and whatever, and then making a bowl or a plate, so that’s like an extra achievement… so I just turned up early one morning… ‘cos especially with the building trade they start at 7, 7:30, no point me getting into the routine of getting somewhere at 9 or 10 o’clock or whatever, or going into work, and starting work and being late or whatever, and losing my opportunity, due to being in the wrong routine basically…

I’ve been doing the shelter for the diggers, so that’s all finished now, that was my little project… I made my first plate this morning, so it’s out on the stall… I’ve made a few bowls… did I tell you I made a Dorito bowl? A book shelf as well, that I done for Sue, out of scaffold boards, old scaffold boards… I’ve been very productive actually, since I’ve been back, yesterday, I done the chickens, I made a small bowl, and then carried on with that, and seen [Name] for an hour, and then went and finished that, and then done a big bowl in the afternoon… the big one was one my mum ordered it, so that was sold straight away… yesterday was very productive yeah, I like it when I’m busy and when I see it, you know when I see what an achievement at the end of the day, I’m more satisfied rather than… so like finishing that and I made two bowls, I just feel like, you can see, you know when you’ve had a good day…”

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