Rodney says: “I need to crack on…”

“That’s the start of the bread bin… well it wasn’t the start I forgot to take photos before, but there’s the picture of the wood that was the lid… I made it and I thought it’s going to be quite difficult to lift the lid after you’ve put it down, so I just got one of the bits that I cut off  and took the router round it, I think it gave the lid that finish putting that there…

I woke up this morning quite agitated ‘cos I’m tired and am just having a bad day… there’s always [plenty to do] ‘cos me and [my mentor] cooked on Wednesday, so that was alright, that was nice, we made lasagne, I’ve just been trying to keep busy really, I have been to the doctors about not sleeping… they’ve given me these meds that are meant to help me stay asleep, and I’m still waking up so I don’t quite know… I can get to sleep but I wake up in the night and I do [get back to sleep] eventually but it just means that I’ve had broken sleep, so, it’s quite a pain…

I’m meeting the guy from [Employment Agency] on Monday, so I am going to get started on trying to sort out you know, apparently he knows employers, and he knows people that have given people who have been recently convicted a chance somewhere… as long as I am not doing office work and writing I really don’t mind, labouring at this time of year is a bit crap ‘cos you’ve gotta you know get a wheelbarrow with bricks in across site through the mud, it’s not fun, you’ve gotta put boards down to get around and then your boards sink and not good, not good at all, I don’t know…[I need to] get work and just crack on really… March the 14th my sick note runs out… well I could get another one if I wanted to, but I just want to crack on and start working to be honest… I’m getting a bit fed up of doing nothing on the days I’m not here…

I’ll just give the workshop the once over, I’ve sanded that piece of wood for the woman who wanted it, apparently it’s a sign for where she keeps her bees… at some point when the money’s sorted I’ve got to get a coffee table, me and [my girlfriend] are eating off our laps and it’s quite wearing,  so I’ll sort that out at some point… Oh yeah that’s the other one, I’ve booked myself in to see a doctor about quitting smoking…”

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