Simon says: “There’s good in everyone, it’s trying to get it out…”

“I’ve chucked a few posts up here and there, for Mon’s shed I think… I’m sure it’ll work very well, I’ve been doing stuff here but… I’ve done about four different [cartoons] it keeps growing, I’ve done four or five drawings, now I’ve got a table I can draw it on [at home]… you only have to draw something with some stink lines and a couple of flies and it says it all about personal hygiene…  it’s another medium for communicating… it was always a good way of taking the piss out of people as well, but you have to be in the right frame of mind, I get like a writers block… I could draw something but there wouldn’t be any kind of feeling in it… I have to go away and think about it…

We’ve all got different sides to our life don’t we? some bits not to be spoken about… the thing is, you get so far along the path don’t you, that you might as well just carry on… a choice, it’s a bloody hard decision to come off something and change your whole life, I know I did it…  I couldn’t go to a rehab centre ‘cos then I’d be mixing with people I never mixed with, although you know I was a junkie, but I never mixed with them, you hear some of the things they get up to…  very ingenious to get high… it’s that spiral isn’t it you know it’s going to end in tears in the end… unfortunately it’s like everything isn’t it it costs you, it probably costs you your family, it costs you everything, before you can, you know gambling, well I got to the stage where it could have, none of them knew… like I say it’s a good job I’m a good liar… but I thought how the hell can you not know, when I’m… because I had little pin prick pupils… it’s because I was functioning, you know like a functioning alcoholic… you’re working and holding down a job, people don’t think it’s that bad, but it can be just as bad, cobbling it together, it’s just that lying bit isn’t it… there’s always some people that have bean there before and can see straight through it, I just knew I had a baby on the way and I couldn’t expect to be in their life, and it’s what else you are bringing in…

[Being here] it’s just a different environment, which is what this place is about isn’t it? There’s good in everyone, it’s trying to get it out…”




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