Brett says: “It’s just nice to get feedback off people…”

“It’s just nice to get feedback off people and you know, it’s cool, it was like it almost felt a bit emotional listening to you guys, yeah it’s like it’s just amazing really… what I’ve managed to achieve these past few months you know, and just to get feedback off everybody has been immense, and I’m massively grateful to everybody… I am really really proud of it… it’s like I said, it’s an amazing buzz to get everybody’s appreciation for it… it’s come full circle you know, the fact that he’s like, I just said, I started off with the idea of it… to portray something that literally represents from stepping out from the darkness and into the light you know? It’s really done that and now it’s sort of finished in stages and I feel the way I do, compared to what I was like when I first came here… transformation man! I’m here…

…when I first came here I wasn’t, I didn’t have the, what’s the word? I didn’t have the outlook that I have now, I was still a mess and I was still dibbling and dabbling yeah I wasn’t ready for the change, but then it was a combination of being here and the situation with my boys, I had to make that change and yeah it’s all worked out… [when I first arrived there was] no eye contact, that’s a no, no, don’t look at me, yeah no… absolutely, I can look in the mirror and think f’ing hell, I don’t look so ill, I’ve put on a bit of weight and yeah… I honestly think that’s a massive thing like, the fact that you provide meals like, I think that’s made a real big difference, because you don’t perhaps realise it, but just eating regularly, I mean when I was doing drugs I never ate regularly and when I did it was just sh*t, that I bunged in the oven and yeah, so I think that’s made a real difference ‘cos it makes you feel better and when you eat there’s something about it gets your stomach wanting more food you know and it’s like really, really helped…

…[when I first came here] I was quite, I was probably quite I don’t know nervous… [all those] beady eyes looking at me… I remember sitting at the end of the table, get away from me… I’ll forever be grateful to this place, it’s definitely saved my life I think really, because when I lost the boys like, I just thought life can not get any worse and it just seemed like a road that was just so long, unachievable really to get them back, but now I can see the light, I can see the light… I’ve got my shades on and it’s looking good”

6 thoughts on “Brett says: “It’s just nice to get feedback off people…”

    1. Brett says: thank you for understanding and appreciating the concept. He’s called ‘Transformation Man’ because he represents the change I want to make in my life 🙂


  1. He’s great Brett – saw him yesterday when i popped in for my Dorito bowl. Great job, great symbolism. The photo I saw before, with him and Sarah (?) holding the life-buoy, held an even greater message. Like throwing a lifeline to someone going under…. Hooray for Transformation Man and his many messages!

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  2. Hi Brett. I learnt about your creation from a recent LandWorks presentation and was inspired by it! I wrote a poem whilst looking at a picture of your sculpture and listening to your incredible story. Here is the poem, I hope you like it!

    Transformation Man

    Transmute lead to gold,
    with wood working tools or
    a trowel to dig down deep.

    In Alchemy, metamorphosis is
    changing the mindset, learning something new,
    only by dissolving everything
    can you
    rock bottom is the first stepping stone.

    The newborn phase or
    commonly known as conjunction,
    serves a function of alteration.

    Our masculine and feminine unite,
    into a new belief system and
    create, a child – needing to be
    nurtured to survive.

    Feelings can overwhelm,
    swallow, engulf,
    by manipulating material we
    embrace the ethereal and
    reveal we have

    Expression, relieves frustration
    metaphor becomes actual,
    and evolution, adaption,
    ferments into a
    bright new star,
    just shining through the
    unlighted mist.

    Thom (aka Blaidh)
    Poet Laureate for the City of Plymouth

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