James says: “We’ve just started a criminology class…”

“I was working up there [off site at a local cafe] for a couple of weeks… seeing it out from the start, from the beginning, we made the cabinets down here, yeah that’s it, we made the cabinets down here and then when they were ready for us up there, we took them up there, and started installing them and then prepped all the worktops there… that is pretty much what I’ve been doing for the last few weeks…

I’ve made up some business cards [and] set up an email… which is like just to start work coming in, whether it’s employed through someone else or private work, like my own jobs or whatever… being self-employed that’s my target, but I’m not expecting to jump straight into it, ideally my aim is to get into full time work, employed with someone and even self-employed, but full time work with someone else, but then have my own cards and stuff, so I’ll hand them out and any work that comes in, I’ll start doing evenings and weekends, and then if that builds up so that I’ve got loads of my own work , then later on I could go in fully self employed… but it’s just one of them, you can’t jump straight into it, otherwise you’ll be sat round doing nothing, and you won’t earn the money…

We’ve just started a criminology class, so like there’s Sarah, she’s done criminology at University and then just on a Wednesday afternoon we, well we call it the ‘#crime club’, so we all sit here and like we all choose a topic really the week before, and then Sarah will look it up and get some topics and that, we only really have to start talking about one thing and everyone has their opinions and the conversation just goes on and on really, so we were on about like criminology basically, how prisons work, do they work? What could be better? What could change? We just have a good chat about it, and understanding other people’s views, and understanding that other people have different views and what reasons they do… How Norwegian prisons are the way they are, I didn’t know that… instead of locking people up, or locking them away, if we treat people like animals then they’ll act like animals basically, you don’t change people by power, that’s all it is, it’s the power of being able to lock them away and not educating them, you only change people by educating them…

…little bits come up here and there so it’s quite good just to get everyone’s opinion, a lot of people just say, oh yeah lock em up and throw away the key, but when you go into things, then you get a bit more of an understanding about it, like Graham said that’s what he used to be like, just lock them up and throw away the key until his… whatever happened with him, and he’s seen a different light on it basically… it’s just getting the message out there to other people, and maybe they might understand and treat prisoners or people that are doing wrong in a different way, to help them rather than punish em, get them the help that they need, so they don’t re-offend…”

2 thoughts on “James says: “We’ve just started a criminology class…”

  1. Wow – that all looks amazing! What a great skill you are learning and using; i hope your plans will work out in the future. Crime Club sounds a great way to debate, get to know your workmates and do some opinion sharing and learning. Yay for Sarah!


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