Graham says: “it’s been a good project for training the lads, but it’s also brought income in…”

“We’ve been working at the new café and James has done an awful lot of work up there, I think he’s quite enjoyed it… when [LandWorks was closed for a week], James carried on working up there and has now been offered a job by [the Contractors]… James has been given a job… he should be starting probably by the time this blog goes out and that’s going to be a full time job, we can’t say where [James] is living, but that’s where the job is going to be as well…

We’ve been working up there [at the cafe] on and off for about a month I think, maybe a little bit longer, maybe about 5 weeks… we put the carcasses in and the tops on before the end of March, then we did the front panels I think, no we put the tops on first, then we did all the paneling… I think James has quite enjoyed doing that, well he has enjoyed doing it and now he’s got a job out of it as well… which is really good, he’ll be flying the nest along with Rodney, he’s got a job now too, he’s on his second day today apparently, he’s with a building firm…

I’ve been working a lot with the new trainee, he’s alright, he’s liking the woodwork, we’ve made some benches together and he’s helped me make a big table, we have a big order in for a big table, so we’ve started that today, we’ve been actually, doing the base today, he’s quite keen that we call him the sandman, he said he thinks he was born to sand, so I’ve nicknamed him the sandman…

They learn by doing and not by being taught, but it is true because I just tend to let them get on with it, so if they muck up it doesn’t matter does it? just start again…  so, we’ve got an order in for a big table, we’ve also got an order from [Another company] who are having about ten tables and benches, which is quite a big order we got, and that’s got to be by the end of May, beginning of June, we’ve got some big signs to make for [Local organisation], [the signs are] called monoliths…

The work we’ve been doing at the cafe has raised good funding for LandWorks… it has been a useful project because aside from training the lads, it’s also brought in income to the project which helps keep it ticking over…”

One thought on “Graham says: “it’s been a good project for training the lads, but it’s also brought income in…”

  1. That’s wonderful news about James getting a job from working on something he has enjoyed doing. Well done James, you have uncovered a talent. Also, well done to Rodney, hope all is going well in the new start. Graham,. you have developed just the right approach with the trainees,
    and i am sure that ‘the Sandman’ will also do well under your wing, so to speak. Well done you!

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