Simon says: “I’m just doing a bit of gardening”

“I’ve been toiling, just gardening,  I went to that other one as well, that other charity, there was only me there, well you look at it here and you think no, that’s two, three people surely doing all this work and it’s growing, growing by the minute, Also I can’t believe Sarah’s entering it, that drawing for the Koestler prize, (see Simon’s last post) and some silly thing I was piddling about with, with the clay, I can’t believe she kept it, honestly I suppose kids could cobble it together, I just haven’t got an arty brain…

I’ve been mainly gardening, sowing, hoeing and planting that’s probably about it, all sorts, onions, kale, cabbages, peas, beans, loads of stuff, I’m not really that good on plants, well I know roughly what I’m doing, but I could be doing anything, put that in there that’ll grow, it’s nice to see it taking shape, that’s the difference here, they want to change, but then it takes a lot to turn your life around if people want to, if they don’t there is bugger all you can do, it’s then detrimental to everyone else if they’re not, if you’re not ready, it’s the whole life, that’s what people don’t realise, everything has to change, people you hang about with, the trigger points, like having cash in your pocket…

I am going to have to start thinking I suppose, I don’t know how long I’ve got, I might have another two months, but we’ll see, it’s just finding something to slot into really, I don’t want to do respite care, but then I really don’t know, maybe short term, or people who’ve lost a partner or, you know they get, they move down here, retire and then the husband dies, they are recruiting a lot I notice round here, I wouldn’t mind charity work of some sort, the more I know, the more chance I have of hearing about something,  I don’t know I might give the caring a go again, I don’t like the lock down units, I’m not into that going round in the morning kicking people out of bed, that’s not care…

So I’ve mainly been doing gardening bits, I don’t mind, like I say I know it’s part of mental health, working, if you don’t keep going, so it’s actually doing me good hobbling about rather than sitting at home.”

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