Brett says: “I’m proud of myself…I’ve turned myself round for my boys”


“I’ve just been doing stuff in the ‘good garden’ really… the good garden is sort of my next little project I suppose, because it’s the area where transformation man is in situ… ‘cos the area where I’ve put transformation man was basically just a load of rough ground, and it’s supposed to actually be good garden where he is based…

…like you go from the bad garden at the beginning of the bridge then you walk over it and go into the good garden, but before we put transformation man in, it all looked bad, it didn’t really, you couldn’t really tell what was what, apart from the bridge you know, it didn’t really, what’s the word? It didn’t really symbolise that it was change, that it was changing from bad to good, because change is transformation, and what he is all about, that is why I wanted it in the good garden, so my mission now is to make everything around transformation man nice and pretty, so he’s well represented…

I’ve just been clearing the ground, it was basically just covered in weeds and it looked pretty horrific and I am going to… I’ve started digging it over, when you get from the bad garden, at the beginning of the bridge basically, that’s where the bad garden is, and when you walk over the bridge it goes into the good garden, and then at the end of the bridge where you step on to the good garden, I am going to build a little path which goes to the bench, which is also in the good garden and put some bark down, get some nice plants, and basically really tidy it up and make it look lovely, paint the fence as well, basically so there’s a bit more symbolisation of good, so you can really tell what’s bad and what’s good… and of course transformation man is like a big epic thing to have there, he’s like, he’s there and he’s representing the good…

I’m sort of at a place now where I know I am not going to use, and I’ve got that sussed and got it sorted… I’m really, really confident that I’m not going to use again, but you know equally it’s important to me that I can get drug tested, because you know, it just shows to everyone around you that you’re still motivated to stay clean, I know you can say it, but it’s rewarding almost, because it’s like from week to week to week, it’s a constant reward, a constant buzz that I’m staying clean, and you know I just feel better that I’ve found my life, and everything’s coming together with my boys… so yeah, it’s brilliant, I feel proud of myself actually, it’s like I’ve really turned myself around for my boys…

I’ve been talking to Mon about what sort of plants we should put up there probably some perennials, some nice pretty flowers and yeah as I say I am going to do the pond, clear that out and that’ll be nice and clear and that’ll be another really nice aspect of the garden, they can be really nice features can’t they ponds? It’ll just be nice, people can go and sit down on the bench and have a nice clear pond to look at, have a cup of tea with transformation man… get some flowers that attract bees and butterflies, just have a nice, really nice warm sort of positive place, I like where that bench has been put… it’s going to be pretty epic, so there will be no questions about what’s the good garden and what’s the bad garden…”

3 thoughts on “Brett says: “I’m proud of myself…I’ve turned myself round for my boys”

  1. It’s all looking good Brett – will be a proper transformation with the plans you have – lucky Transformation Man! Will look forward to seeing it when done, especially when the pool is clear. Maybe some Buddleia for butterflies? And a small coffee table…..;)

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