James says: “it’s about helping people who want the help…”

“I’ve been making bowls this morning, they’re all different, two different woods I think, I made nine, I set a target in my head this morning, because I’d done five I wanted to do another five before lunch, but I broke two, so I managed to do another four… and two broken ones, so… I’ve been doing picnic benches with Graham, they’ve all been ordered, it went mad last week, we did like seven I think plus the Bike Shed order…

I’ve got three jobs lined up, one with A*, one with B*, and one with a mate of mine I know in Town, yeah, he’s got his own building company, but that’s in a couple of months, potentially… B* I’ve been with them before, they do ground works, drainage, footings, new builds, we do all the house footings and new drainage and stuff, the foundations, they’re busy they are… A* are general building, like refurbs and stuff, they’re supposed to be doing a load of flat refurbs in Town, I just want work, I want some money, it could be anytime, I’m just waiting for the phone call…

I think the PeN project is quite good, it gives everyone on the outside an insight of what goes on here, and gives them people’s backgrounds without naming anyone, which is good for people outside, or even supporters or whatever, to have a look at it and see what’s going on, understand people’s stories in the past, and see what’s going on inside LandWorks really…

It’s not a problem taking the photos, it’s quite nice taking the photos of the work that you’ve completed and your progress, it’s a good thing to do and it’s something you don’t normally you know, you just do your work and that’s it, so yeah it’s quite good, I think it’s quite enjoyable, taking your photos and seeing your work afterwards and seeing people comment on it and stuff… I’ve picked up all sorts of skills while I’ve been here, cooking, woodwork and just generally everything, I’ve done bits here and there…

The best thing about LandWorks is the help and support I think, and keeping busy, since coming to LandWorks, it’s just the help and support you get from everyone, it just helps to guide you in the right direction, keeps you going, just general guidance, decisions and yeah, a bit of everything really, it’s a good place to be, it’s about helping people who want the help…”


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