Marshall says: “just coming out here clears my head…”


Marshall says: “I’ve been doing woodwork and I’ve even started doing a bit of pottery as well, ‘cos I got kicked out of school when I was about 14, all I’ve ever done is cook, I’ve been a chef about 8 years now, so I haven’t done anything else, so as soon as I come out here and started doing woodwork with Graham it’s great, I really like it, I’ve never done it before…

I start my new job on Friday and I’m just going to work flat out for about, for the summer, for like 3 months and then yeah, look at getting a house and stuff, ‘cos since I got arrested, and obviously with looking to go to jail and that, I lost everything, I lost my house, jobs, stuff like that, so this is like, now this is happening I can focus on getting stable and sorting everything out now, so yeah should be good…

9 months ago I got involved with the wrong girl, lost my job, then got my eviction letter and then she left, and then everything just went… now it has all just come together, I was obviously lucky not to go to jail, and my new girlfriend stuck by me through it all, yeah so it’s all looking good now, I just need to get stable and stuff, and fresh really…

When I get a house and that, I’d like to get like a potters wheel, so I could start doing my own pottery, I dunno just different things, I’ve never done stuff like that before, especially like the bowls, and I like doing the woodwork, I think that’s pretty mad, it’s just like fascinating, like you just have a bit of wood and then you like turn it into something…

I’ve done a bit of cooking here as well, the first time I cooked it was like the innovation test, you know like on MasterChef, I come in and they like had loads of leftover food, so I just had to come up with something, they had sausages and there was already some cooked chicken, and loads of broccoli, but I do want to go to the supermarket next time it’s arranged for me to cook, I’ll bring some stuff in, ‘cos I do like fine dining cooking, I think I’ve got like a little bit of OCD coming out, everything has got to be like perfect, otherwise I’m not happy with it and I have to start again…

I did actually try having a career change before, and I went and I started fish filleting in a fish factory,  I done that for about 18 months, but that’s when I got arrested, that was the job I lost, so when I went really downhill, I just went back to what I do best and that’s cooking…

I want to come out here, because obviously the situation I’m in, living like at the moment in a small flat and stuff like that, just coming out here clears my head, and there’s no stress out here, like there’s nothing for me to stress about out here, so even when my hours are up I’d like to still come out here and still do stuff…”








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