Joe says: “this is more about rehabilitation and getting your head sorted, than kind of digging away at a roadside…”

This is my first official day, because I’m in full time work, I’m sort of fitting it in as I can, ‘cos I’ve only got so many hours, so Chris and my probation officer said, you know just fill it in when you can…

I’ve done some cooking, some weeding and some washing up, I’ve done a tile as well, that was quite interesting, I mean I think it’s good that you get that kind of, one has a tile as a kind of introduction, I’m a bit, I thought, I’m not sure I’ll be good at carpentry, I’ll give it a go though, that’s what’s nice about this place you’ve got lots of different things to do, and it’s quiet and it’s not hey wear high viz jackets in front of everyone kind of thing,  I think a place like this is more about rehabilitation and getting your head sorted, than kind of digging away at a roadside…

I’ve had mental health issues before and you know, there isn’t the accessibility or facilities for lots and lots of support, I mean, last year I went to the depression and anxiety service, and they referred me to Torbay Hospital to have a mental health assessment, and then I got pushed back, it was like a yo-yo, back and forth, you know? And I’m now dealing with things on my own, through coping strategies that I’ve been looking at, but I haven’t actually had the one-on-one talks to someone, and again it’s not the people who I’ve spoken to, it’s not them, it’s just that there is no… and then they wonder why perhaps some people go off the rails…

I would love, apart from not misbehaving again, first of all I’d love to get a play published, I’ve got a couple of ideas in the pipeline, I’d also love, again it’s more dreaming than reality, I’d love to do full time acting, but obviously, it’s the competition you know, that’s my sort of plan, acting and plays…

I can do a bit of acting, a bit of singing in a musical, I’m not a singer-singer, but there is that part in Les Miserables, he steals the bread at the beginning, he’s like the central character, I wouldn’t mind playing him, there’s the policeman as well, but he’s meant to be older so… when I’m older I’d love to play Fagin, I’ve done Oliver, I did Summer Holiday once, that was quite fun, some of them are good, some of them… I’m not like Hairspray, I’m not like into that, but I mean Phantom of the Opera and Blood Brothers, you can’t beat Blood Brothers…

I’m with equity, it’s like the chap I do the theatre company with, he works for equity and he was sort of saying you know, it is a very much kind of, there is so much now, to guarantee constant work is tremendously difficult, I think, I guess you always have to have a bread and butter job, some support you know, but yeah that’s my ambition anyway…

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