Frankie says: “Coming out to LandWorks has been a breath of fresh air…”

I suppose one of the things I’d like to try and get across is how easy it is to actually end up in prison. Most people assume that you’ve done something to go to prison. Well, I did nothing to go to prison. Some of my staff didn’t do enough which is why I gone to prison. There’s nothing that I did…  I think it would probably do LandWorks a little bit of good if people realised that not everybody that’s here are drug-dealers or violent or whatever.

I think one of the real benefits that you don’t perhaps see from the outset of LandWorks is how much comfort and relief family get from the fact that I’m not working in the prison. They’re aware of the environment I’ve been working in for quite some time, and for them to have read on the internet about LandWorks and where I’m working now, as opposed to the work that I had been doing… Yesterday, I would’ve said I spent most of the day driving the mini-digger, just a brief outline of my day. They know from your style of writing whether you’re happy, content, what you’re doing…

Coming out to LandWorks has been a breath of fresh air… I think the first couple of days I came to LandWorks, it was the enthusiasm that hit me. When you’re in prison there is no enthusiasm. There’s nothing people get enthusiastic about. Why would they? The intention is to make every day the same as the one before, so enthusiasm and almost joy, disappear out through the window. Coming out here and noting the enthusiasm… Having known some of the people who’ve come through here and the number of times that LandWorks have been let down, to still have that enthusiasm when the next lot of plonkers turn up, you know what I mean?… I suppose my expectations were something bigger and more regimented, but when you actually come to LandWorks, it is quite small and personal. The ability to fit anybody is a credit to LandWorks.

I think one thing that when you go to prison you have to learn very, very quickly, is how to become streetwise or prison-wise, whatever you want to call it. When you’re in prison you have to learn very quickly that somebody, no, everybody has an angle. The contrast of prison where everybody has an angle and you come out to LandWorks where nobody has an angle, and what it actually does is it heightens your awareness as to quite how dire the prison system is…

I’m constantly shocked by man’s inhumanity towards man. Prison did nothing to change that perception, I’m afraid. I will come away with probably more respect for inmates, or some inmates, than I had anticipated. I’ll come away with very little respect for the majority of the prison staff, but huge admiration for a small minority of the prison staff that actually make a difference, because a few of them really do, despite everything, give it all they’ve got.

Your sentence is supposed to be the time that you’re away in custody, not the way you’re treated when you’re there. As a farmer, if I treated animals the way that I’ve seen prisoners treated, I’d be prosecuted. People treat animals better in this country than prisoners are treated…

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