Tarquin says: “it can be pretty scary getting out and then just ‘bang’ into normality.”

A window into LandWorks

“I’ve been coming out to LandWorks for a couple of months. I’ve now been released from prison on a Home Detention Curfew (HDC/Tag), but I’m still coming out here to volunteer. I’ve found it really useful to re-humanise myself and gain some skills that I can use when I get out. It’s a nice environment to meet people and it’s just nice to be here. It’s helping in the transition, actually, it’s helped quite a lot because it’s a bit of a shock when you get out. Just little things, like, you can have a bath, it’s just silly little things, using a metal knife and fork and stuff like that. I nearly got run over three times because you forget there’s cars on the road…

Weirdly, a lot of the stuff you do here, especially the woodwork side of things, that’s what my business was, making chopping-boards, oak-framed mirrors…

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