Holly says: “It’s so nice to come here and get away from the hustle and bustle of life and be an equal…”

“I’m a florist. I love gardening. I love crafts, handcrafts and all sorts of stuff. Anything arty, crafty. Gardening is probably the best way to describe me. I love working with people and being a good team, helping out… I’ve been coming up since the beginning of May. It’s varied because I do work as well, so I sort of work it in with work, so, probably once or twice a week… When I first started, I don’t know, I was really, really nervous because I’m quite shy when it comes to new places and new team…

I was feeling really down and lonely because of my crime I did. I regret everything I did… because I’d never committed a crime before, I’d never set foot in a court before, it was terrifying, and I thought I was going to collapse in the dock because it was completely terrifying…

I’ve always suffered from anxiety and depression for many years, but when I came to LandWorks, this changed me. It brought more confidence in me and I haven’t been anxious or depressed since starting here…

LandWorks is very rewarding and I can’t say enough about this place because it really has changed my life and I can see it changing a lot of people’s lives. Even though, like my probation officer said, I was a low case of criminal activity because I was so regretful, I didn’t mean to do it and I knew I did wrong, but I can see this helping even people with a higher criminal record than myself because it just gives you a day into being in a place where you’re in the same environment with people around you, who’s got the similar criminal record or more, but no-one judges you and that’s what I like and nobody knows you here. It’s quite private considering what a massive place it is and what an impact it has on people, but it is quite private and you can come here and you can forget your thoughts and forget who you are for a day and just be with people who won’t judge you and are friendly and you get a good lunch. I go home stuffed. I think it’s an amazing project, I really do…

It’s been a tough few years, but I’m in such a good place at the moment. I really am, and I love the new job and even though it’s not doing what I’m trained to do…

I don’t think I would’ve got that job if it wasn’t for LandWorks because I had no confidence before I started here. I was so low Julie, I was really, really low and it made me realise how low I was. Because this has built me up over the last few weeks, I was able to be confident enough to go for the job interview and then come here and work there. I like it here and I don’t want to leave. I think I’ll be part of the furniture or the woodwork, one of the two. It’s a good project for people, it really is. I can see it helping a lot of people…

I’ve done all sorts. I’ve done pottery, done some tiles. I’ve done the odd bit of woodwork. I’m not investigating much of the woodwork because I’m scared I’m going to chop off a finger or something. It’s quite scary, some of those tools. But, most of all is the gardening and I work with Mon and she’s lovely. I help her out in the gardens because I’ve always loved gardening. I did some bouquets for her in the summer, so she can sell. It’s really good here, really good…

The highlights, I think, is building a network of friends. Friends who are for life and friends who doesn’t judge you. I just think working as a team and just making the whole project work will come alive because we all stick together, and nobody is bigger than anybody else, no-one is lower than anybody else, we’re all the same. I think that’s the highlight really, is that we’re all equal. I would highlight that the most, I really would because that’s what helped me. Because I was scared that I was going to a place and they were all going to judge me because I was a criminal for 18 months, I just thought I was going to be in a place where I’m going to have stuff where people are above me or lower than me. It’s so nice to come here and get away from the hustle and bustle of life and be an equal. That’s the main highlight for me, definitely.”

2 thoughts on “Holly says: “It’s so nice to come here and get away from the hustle and bustle of life and be an equal…”

  1. So lovely to read your story of your time at LandWorks Holly, and how it has helped you move out of what was obviously a very dark and anxious time in the past, to where you are now. Congratulations on the new job and especially on the confidence you have found and started using. Looking forward seems a very bright place for you now. Get
    out there and sparkle….. 🙂

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