Terry says: “The best bit of LandWorks would be like they actually took a bit of interest in me…”

“I’ve been coming out here for a few months. I was unemployed. I was on the streets. Then I went into jail. Discovered LandWorks and then I made enquiries about it and the prisoners from in the prison said it was rubbish, but I thought I had to go out and try it for myself. So, I made enquiries. So, when my ROTL day came,  Mel, who works in the prison, she got me out here and then I was working outside. I did try working in the wood-shop, but I didn’t really like it. I’d rather work in the garden. Then when I was working in the gardens, I noticed there was a farm on the other side of the road and I would really like to work over there. Then Chris, my boss, he texted the farmer and he came over, had a bit of a chat and ever since I’ve had some work there…

I worked on a farm before, previous, at Another Prison. So, I had a little bit of experience, not much, and that’s how I like the farm really. I like all sorts. I like mucking-out, feeding, I wouldn’t mind doing a bit of milking. It’s just it’s so early in the morning and I can’t get there early ‘cos I’m in prison. In time, maybe I will be able to do all that, but at the moment I’m mucking-out and feeding the cows, feeding goats. It’s really good and I’m enjoying it…

Before… I was just doing drugs and just on the street. I was on the streets a few years like, but it was just a circle. I was just going around and around. From the age of 17, in and out like a yo-yo. I’ve been in a few, about 20 I should imagine. I’ve done maybe about 15 years in jail, in total, if you add it all up. Going to prison, coming out, doing drugs, on the street, back to prison, it was just a circle, for a number of years, but this time, it’s totally different…

My mum then, she used to come to Prison to see me sometimes, but this time, I don’t get visits. I’ve had one town visit, which was last week. It was ok. I felt a bit stressful when I went back though. It got me down a bit. It’s not like when you come to work up here. I went home for the day and that was it. It’s totally different when you come to work here. You’ve got it in your mind that you’re just coming to work. It was very strange, I thought. I really don’t know how to explain it. I was just down when I went back to prison. Unless I was down because I hadn’t come to work, see. It might’ve been that as well.

My mum died about three years ago. That was when I was in Another Prison, that was. I saw her before I went to prison. I was living with my mum and dad, but then I was out on the street then, afterwards, after my mum had died. Just me and my old man don’t get on.

I did try and do a bit of woodwork, but I’m not really into woodwork. I work with Robin, doing a bit of gardening or weeding and Monica. I’ve done a bit of weeding with Monica. I’ve worked with Martin doing odd jobs around here. I’ve chopped a lot of kindling with him. That’s ok. I don’t mind doing that. I’ve been in the polytunnels, which is all good. I’ve been in the pottery as well and I made a little tile and I also made two pots as well. They’re ok. It’s ok. I like to be working outside…

I’ve done a bit of cooking. It’s very good. I enjoy it. I’m not much of a cook. I would rather just go to the fish shop and just get fish and chips or something, but it’s cheaper in the long run, isn’t it? If I’m going to have my own place, then I have to start budgeting a bit more…

We get good food here. I also get the sense of relief. Like I’ve said, I was homeless, and I know if my accommodation wasn’t already sorted, then I know that Sue would help me find somewhere else. I think her heart’s in the right place. She’s not out here to give people false hopes or anything like that. If she says she’s going to do something, she does it. Like if I go back into prison and I want something done, then I’ll either speak to Chris or Sue before I go back or Mel. I don’t bother with all the others. It’s pointless. It’s like banging your head against the wall. I don’t see the point in asking them because I know they’re not going to do anything about it, so, I speak to Chris with my problems or Sue or you or Mel…

The best bit of LandWorks would be like they actually took a bit of interest in me and to find somewhere like a roof over my head. So, whoever says that LandWorks doesn’t work, is totally wrong. I think it’s changed my life and my look on life. All I’ve done in the past is get into trouble and end up in prison. Since coming to LandWorks, they’ve made me think a bit more about the positives in life, work, and just keeping yourself occupied…”

4 thoughts on “Terry says: “The best bit of LandWorks would be like they actually took a bit of interest in me…”

  1. What a great read! You chose to decide for yourself about LandWorks and thank goodness you did. You know that you prefer being outside as compared to inside (no pun intended) and well done to all concerned for making your farm work happen, its obviously what is right for you. Good luck with those early mornings if you choose to carry on farming in your future 🙂

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