Brett says:”it’s hit rock bottom so I can only go up can’t I?”

“…it was just that I have never not been working, not been able to like get everything on the table for my boys when I wanted to, so to not ever have had enough money to live comfortably, and shit like that, and it was massively frustrating for me, so I did, I took the wrong path, and then that has obviously led me here, and then being here is amazing like, I’ve got nothing but positive things to say, I think every single person is just brilliant and they’ve got all the time in the world for you, and like yeah every day I come here, I look forward to it, I find it very beneficial, and I enjoy it, working with Sarah and gardening and things and everything really… nothing but good things to say about this place, I think it’s amazing, I’ve got all the respect in the world for you guys and what you do because you know there’s not a lot of, as far as I’m aware of places like this for people to come and get their head’s straight, and get a starting point back in place in their minds, to start their life again, a lot of people would just drift off into a deeper and deeper hole, especially if they haven’t got someone there to stand up and say, hey you know, come here for a bit of support…

…I’ve got to continue with my rehabilitation, I’ve set out with all the good intentions in the world… but last week, it just got the better of me… I almost don’t like saying that to people because I don’t like people feeling sorry for me, because it’s like it’s my own fault, but…

…I’ve got to go to RISE [drug rehabilitation centre], I went to drug rehab when I was younger, I’ve been through every type of counselling, but I’m not, I don’t, having said that, back then I wasn’t really, I wasn’t really ready to give up, so it was all in one ear and out the other, but I’m like looking at this in a completely different mind set, you know, looking at it in a sort of positive way and there are coping mechanisms that can be learnt, yeah and basically…

…I know I’ve got it within me, I’m strong enough to overcome it, I’ve got it within me… it’s just at the end of the day it’s hit rock bottom so it can only go up can’t it?”

5 thoughts on “Brett says:”it’s hit rock bottom so I can only go up can’t I?”

  1. This is great to read Brett. You are so right about how amazing and special the place and people that make ‘LandWorks’ are. You are also right about needing to feel ‘ready’ to do the rehabilitation and have success with it. Keep positive and I wish you good luck for your future.


  2. Well done Brett. Love reading you blog and interested in your chicken mesh man. Hope you can tell me more when I next visit. Anya


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