Graham says: “I always find time to talk…”

“It’s like a little cold frame greenhouse, we started that yesterday… I finished these cabinets for the café up at [Location]… I’ve been doing a lot with James on the lathe, he’s getting on really well… but yeah I’ve done quite a bit with James and he’s good as well… really good, he spent the whole afternoon, most of last Friday on it [the lathe] and I said there’s your blank and he just went off with it… he did some bowls and he did his little Dorito bowl thing, it was like a bowl with another little bowl in the middle of it, so you put the dip in the middle and the stuff around it…

…and we’re doing all the shop counters… James helped me with those on Friday and yesterday he helped me a little bit on them for an hour… and then James he did really good on those again…

…the cold frame I’ve been building with Rodney today and he’s done really well on that, telling me all about his housing problems and things, but they seem to be getting sorted… James tells me everything, James does, we talk about loads of stuff, so that’s been quite good with James, everything, he was telling me all about it yesterday…

…people tell you these stories in prison and that, and they forget what they’ve told you and then later.. they tell you a different story, and the amounts of money have gone up or down, you get loads of people in prison like that, loads of people either try and big themselves up, or they don’t talk about it, or like somebody like Frank, he just talks about it like it’s a normal everyday occurrence… and loads of people in there I used to think, you’re just so full of shit, if they said it was a million pounds or a hundred thousand pounds, it was probably a hundred or a thousand, whereas Frank, the stories he told you, were just, you couldn’t make them up…

I always find time to talk to the trainees… I always ask questions anyway, you know… I love it [chatting to the trainees] it’s quite interesting…”


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