Rodney: memory box

  I’ve still got plenty of room to learn… my skills have expanded hugely since I got here, but there’s always room for improvement you know… and someone will suggest something and oh yes, that’s a good idea… and everyone is constantly learning new things… you know all the time… there’s no shame in not … More Rodney: memory box

Rodney: no pressure

When you’re inscribing it’s such a steady job to do… you know Graham was like ‘oh, would you mind burning that in for me?’ and I’m like, ‘no, no, not at all’, and then the project manager comes in and says ‘yeah, yeah, it’s for someone’s wedding’ and ooh, ooh the pressure’s on now… I … More Rodney: no pressure

Matthew: choices

I’m doing a mural… and it’s, basically it’s a path which splits into two, and it’s all about your decisions, like choices, like you’ve got the left path which is crime and all the s**t, and you’ve got the right path, which is you know trying to make a change, and then when it goes … More Matthew: choices